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BGS is an international organization having a direct presence in 110 countries. The purpose of BGS is to unlock intelligence and human capital. We are becoming today’s largest legal and human initiatives organization by bringing in events, conferences and galas in 30 different countries in 2019.

BGS is composed of outstanding lawyers educated at Berkeley diffusing innovative analysis from around the globe.

BGS ideates, incubates and inspires through its network of events and opportunities. The initiatives within the current BGS ecosystem includes:

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i) The subject based Cohorts: Platforms to discuss and solve legal issues based on sectoral approach with a global footprint.

ii) An Innovation space where niche, nascent, and cutting edge ideas are exploited by stakeholders determined to disrupt future markets.

iii) Perspectives

The BGS is a unique legal community with an unmatched global footprint of highly acclaimed legal professionals and next generation leaders. Perspectives serves as avenue of thought and expression to these changemakers.


Practice groups to discuss legal issues and taking actions based on current major areas of law.


Ecosystem where startups, investors, scholars, advisors and lawyers meet each other.


Unique platform to publish articles, interviews or discussions involving worldwide acknowledged practitioners.

Global Reach

Interactive map presenting BGS members by country and area of practice.

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BGS and its global impact all over the world


We are always delighted to support multiple projects of our members, including: human rights causes; business projects or global publications.


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BGS is a nonprofit, educational network of legal professionals who received all or part of their legal education at the University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley). BGS is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the UC Berkeley and/or Berkeley School of Law or any of their affiliates and employees. Unless expressly mentioned by the BGS, nothing in the BGS’s website, social media applications or activities shall be interpreted as declaring the affiliation with, partnership with, endorsement by, or sponsorship by the UC Berkeley and/or Berkeley School of Law or any of their affiliates and employees. The use and/or reproduction of the name of the BGS, its logos and/or any material shared by the BGS or contained on its website is not permitted without the prior written consent of the BGS.