Founded in 2018 by Berkeley law students. The cohort responds to the needs of the wider Anglophone Countries.

The cohort is guided by the millennial development goal to “develop global Partnerships for development.” Accordingly, we aim as a cohort to accelerate the growth of these partnerships through creating clear pathways for investment, taxation, judicial certainty, and de-risking investments. Often these factors determine the viability of doing business in Africa.

All countries in this cohort are common law countries. These countries include; Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South-Africa, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Rwanda.

Key Areas;

We intend to support several key areas such as: Technology, Renewable Energy, infrastructure, and Oil & gas by offering unique advice on:

a) Energy, Oil and gas law
b) Startup, social enterprises and general business Setup
c) Taxation
d) Technology law (Fin-tech, Edutech, Agritech and Drone & Aviation Law)
e) Private Equity, Venture Capital and Debt or Leveraged Financings
f) Mergers & Acquisition
g) General Commercial and Corporate Law.

The Purpose:

-To create a pipeline of opportunities for investment.
– To offer support legal services that boost growth of African countries.
– To offer opportunities and facilitate efficient legal service delivery among cohort members.

The group is open to all members of Africa subject to any new requirements that may be determined by the Director.