The value of China’s overseas investment and construction combined is approaching $1.9 trillion. The landscape has been much more promising for cross-border transactions and deals between Chinese companies and other countries. However, these opportunities have legal risks and compliance matters related to areas, such as M&A, financing, business structure, etc. The China Cohort, consists of a few Chinese professionals with deep understanding of the rules in China, are available to help. We have developed strong relationships with an expanding network of professional advisors in China and throughout the world to provide resources and connection in China.

The purpose of the China Cohort is:

– To initiate, organize and promote communication, cooperation, share of resources and exchange of information between Berkeley Law graduates and Chinese legal practice;

– To organize meetings, conferences and seminars on Chinese legal issues to bring together experts and professionals in the field of learning, development, technology and science, and advocacy;

– To organize and develop consulting, training and supporting services for its members; or,

– To support each other in our professional and career developments.