Established in 2018 by UC Berkeley Law students, the Energy Cohort is an integral part of the BGS comprising passionate practitioners and students working in different areas of energy and environmental fields including, renewable energy, climate change, oil, gas, other extractive industries and space.

At BGS, we recognize the paradigm shift our generation faces. There are breakthrough developments and innovative solutions, in affiliated areas of energy, being made nearly on a daily basis, around the world towards making energy cheaper, cleaner, more reliable and more sustainable.

The world population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. We as energy and environmental practitioners have a duty to contribute towards sustainable development leaving behind a better planet for our children and the next generation – importantly, making energy in all its forms accessible to everyone through our legal work and social advocacy. We invite reflections and actions.

The purpose of the Energy Cohort is to:

  • Establish a global network of legal practitioners and Berkeley Law graduates who work in energy and environmental sectors for knowledge, skill and information sharing;
  • Organize events such as conferences to bring together experts and professionals in the field of learning, development, technology and science, and advocacy;
  • Promote our academic and professional work; and
  • Support each other in our professional and career developments.

The BGS Energy Cohort is open to all Berkeley Law graduates and those who keenly follow the developments in different areas of energy across the world and wish to become part of our shared values.