Established in 2018 in one of the top environmental law schools in the United States, the Environmental Cohort contributes to the BGS seasoned global practitioners in public, non-profit and private practice, with fields of expertise in resource management law and policy, land use law and policy, soil management law and policy, climate change law and policy, public environmental law and policy, and international environmental law and policy.

The Environmental Cohort recognizes the growing complexity of environmental issues and its evolution into cross-cutting issues that directly threaten sustainability in multiple industries and societies. Environmental problems are affecting the stability of economy, food, development and livelihood globally, and the Environmental Cohort seeks to provide a platform to discuss the legal implications of policy solutions that have such a multidisciplinary and cross-border effect. The Cohort also seeks to promote an open network of sharing novel ideas and best practices in the field, as well as strengthen international collaboration as we move towards a sustainable path of development across the globe.

The Environmental Cohort is open for membership to all present and former Berkeley Law Students, as well as professionals who are actively involved in the field and share the same goals as the Cohort and the Society.




Friday 20.11.2020 - Amazon and Sustainability

Amazon and Sustainability – Register Here

Friday 04.12.2020 - Environment and Covid

Environment and Covid- Register Here


Thursday 10.12.2020 - Green and Social Bonds

Green and Social Bonds- Register Here

Thursday 10.12.2020 - REDD+ and AFOLU carbon markets with social standards in LATAM : updates, learnt lessons and challenges

REDD+ and AFOLU carbon markets with social standards in LATAM : updates, learnt lessons and challenges- Register Here