Human Rights

Established in 2018 by UC Berkeley Law students, the International Human Rights Cohort is an integral part of the BGS, comprising passionate practitioners and students working in different areas of International Human Rights Law including, peace promotion and conflict resolution, defending political prisoners, technology and human rights, transitional justice and democratic reform.

Amidst a global resurgent authoritarianism and illiberal populism, we recognize the role that Berkeley graduates can play in championing change and standing in solidarity with human rights defenders and democratic struggles around the world. Grounded in the diversity and depth of our experiences and expertise – and underpinned by a wide international network – we seek to work together in common cause to build a better world.

The purpose of the International Human Rights Group is to:

  • Establish a global network of legal practitioners and Berkeley Law graduates who work in human rights for knowledge, skill and information sharing, and to support each other’s work;
  • Organize events such as conferences to bring together experts and professionals in the field, and allies beyond;
  • Establish innovative human rights initiatives;
  • Promote our academic and professional work, as well as the cases and causes we champion;
  • Support each other in our professional and career developments;
  • Build a culture of collaboration and sensibility of human rights across sectors.

The BGS International Human Rights Group is open to all Berkeley Law graduates and those actively working for the protection and promotion of human rights, and who share our values and wish to join us in common cause.