Mergers & Acquisitions

Cross border mergers and acquisitions require strong professional support from the attorneys involved. Lawyers from different legal systems must  find the most efficient way of cooperation in order to provide reliable solutions for the challenges of a global world. Finding the right legal partner in a foreign environment is one of the most important components of success in International M&A transactions . Each of us are coming from different countries with notable experience in various fields of law. The completion of the Berkeley LLM program  gives us a common understanding which serves as the basis of our worldwide network. The M&A group aims:

  • to enhance the collaboration of all members of BGS in international transactions.
  • to create  a strong brand of high professional quality standard and reliability
  • to improve our knowledge
  • and finally to strengthen our friendship through the organization of conferences.

We welcome the support of all Berkeley graduates who are interested in international M&A.