Cell Phone User Registry in Mexico – Personal Data At Risk and Possible Fundamental Rights Violations

May 14, 2021



Recently, A plan has been proposed by the Mexican Lawmakers to put millions of cell phone users’ data in a biometric registry and under this plan America Movil, AT&T Inc and other carriers would be responsible for collecting customers’ data, including fingerprints or eye biometrics, to submit to a registry managed by Mexico’s telecoms regulator. This Bill has already been approved in the lower house of Congress and is scheduled to be taken up in the current session in the Senate. Unfortunately, telecoms industry group that counts some major companies as members warned in an open letter that the reform could increase phone theft as criminals look to get around the registry by stealing devices and could risk customers’ safety if personal data were misused.

Therefore, the question remains with the enforcement of this bill, How the personal data of an individual will be at risk and subsequently, what possible fundamental rights will be violated by the Registry.

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Cell Phone User Registry in Mexico

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When: 14th May, 2021 09:00 AM Mexico City Time
Topic: Cell Phone User Registry in Mexico – Personal Data at Risk







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Cell Phone User Registry in Mexico