Conference-Workshop-Round Table-Meeting with Startups- Networking cocktail

May 6 — 7, 2019

Sao Paulo, Brazil

BLS LATAM conference in Brazil….

2 days in Sao Paulo

Day 1: Conference on Tech InnoLab Roundtable: Novas Technologias e Regulamentaçāo, Inteligência Artificial, Blockchain, Proteçāo de Dados on 6th May, 2019 from 8:30pm – 12:30pm at Daniel Advogados- Daniel Lab, Sāo Paulo, Brazil. To register:

Day 2: Conference on Desafios para as Startups- Estruturaçāo, Investmentos, Proteçāo de Dados on 7th may, 2019 at 9am -1pm at Cascione Pulino Boulos Sāo Paulo, Brazil. To register:

BLS LATAM will also include Networking Cocktail and meeting with key stakeholders of BlockChain startup: Edilson Osorio Junior and Miriam Tomie Oshiro – changing the way we register and certify evidences, documents and contracts.