Dialogue Room in Space and TMT in Paris

Jan 27, 2020


Berkeley Global Society in Paris with Behring opening impacting DialogueRooms and BusinessRooms under the lead of Numa Isnard & Anne-Solène Gay – Managing Partner RE trends in Space & TMT with 8 nations around the table / IMPACTING Five Days in Paris with BGS. 

Thanks to BGS members coming from all over the world: – Ali FILALI MoroccoAly Hussein EgyptDr.Nikolaos Pitsos GreeceMilorad Djordjevic SerbiaAubin GONZALEZ LAPOS FranceArthur Binetti UKOlivier BOREL China. 

We all appreciated the quality of the dialogue. We also learned about Space Industry, TMT best practices including African Market & Indian market.