Venture Capital and Start-Up Conference

Apr 26, 2019

Thanks to our #BLSPartners for such successful event in #Berlin: offering together a great experience to the participants.

Special thanks to our Panelists: Thomas Baum, Alexander Langholz-Baikousis, Malte Barth, Marius Weber, Oscar Jazdowski, Dr. Manuel Weitnauer, LL.M. (Berkeley), Thomas Schubert Eva-Maria Delfs.

Thanks to our Business and Legal participants: Eva-Maria Delfs, Dr. Lajos Levente, Dmitry Ovcharenko, Enes Hoşgör, Ph.D., Milorad Djordjevic, Aly Hussein, Aubin GONZALEZ LAPOS and many other experts.

#TREMENDEOUS thanks to Anastasia Pavlova – moderator for the Panel Discussion, with the help of whom the event was a huge success. She is the Executive Director of #BLS and the General counsel at RTP Global.

#BLS means global #impact and #innovation.

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