LATAM II, A Great Success in Brazil

Oct 18, 2019


Brasil Latam II was a bet and a big win success. Thanks for your trust B2Mamy Aceleradora – a unique ecosystem welcoming Women & Mam to launch/accelerate their Startup. Look at the pictures! This modele even includes a nursery. BGS is a huge fan of B2Mamy. Thanks Anne Chang for your leadership vision. Our conversations were a worldwide lineup of the stakeholders of Blockchain ,AI, Patent and Tech fields. Ladies made one Intel Show with talent & charisma: – Laurence Loumes from Paris is a sophisticated & #brilliant mind and an acknowledged Patent Lawyer (Caltech PhD in Aeronautics & LL.M. Berkeley) working at Plasseraud IP with Cyra NargolwallaFenglei CAYSSOLGuylène KIESEL LE COSQUERMathilde EstadieuRenata B. Souto Maior Baião is a judge sharing the beauty & complexity of the humanity by crossing the world to build a dialogue, including in Blockchain & Tech. All waiting for your next books! – Anne Chang is a strong, innovative and team player partner at HCO Law | eAdvisor She co-wrote the paper that was awarded in the Blockchain Challenge prompted by the ObamaAdministrationMicheli Junco is the great mind behind B2mamy working with abnegation & empathy.

Thanks to the other talented speakers: – Ricardo FernandesAntonio Carlos