Pakistan Conference 2019

Oct 1, 2019

Warmest thanks to Amina Sheikh for your amazing #BGS support and welcome in #Islamabad. We used to say that Berkeley Global Society relies on friendship: Amina shared much more by giving us a part of herself!

The #ArbitrationConference was a national huge success covered by TV and Newspapers. We are also gratiful because we have discovered beautiful #Pakistan, full of poetry and talented poeple.

Thanks to Milorad Djordjevic for traveling from #Serbia to Ummar Ziauddin + Danish Aftab + Mehr Bano Langrial + Ramla Altaf + Umaira Iqbal Raza + Ehsanullah Shah + Ali Salimi + Umer Akram Chaudhry + Khizra Tariq + Erica Zizhu Chen + EMB HASHMI + Fatema Mandviwala + Aubin GONZALEZ LAPOS

Additional thanks to our speakers:

– Amina Sheikh
– Barrister M. Mumtaz Ali
– Barrister Mohsin Ranjha (Member National Assembly)
– Barrister Suleman Toru
– Barrister Ummar Ziaudin
– Danish Aftab
– Aubin Gonzalez Lapos

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