The Rise of Women in Leadership

Nov 24, 2020


ūü§ĚūüéȬ†#Hugesuccess¬†: [Women in Leadership]
Berkeley Global Society¬†held a complex and impacting dialogue under¬†#LatamIII¬†#globalconference¬†– “The Rise of Women in Leadership,¬†#Brazil” held on November 24, 2020 featuring¬†#international¬†#experts¬†from across the globe.

ūüĒĎ Special thanks to Key Speakers :-

1.¬†Carolina Glad√Ņer Rabelo Saches: Head of Legal and Institutional, Brazilian Banks Association.

2. Ana Pellegrini: Legal director and lead of diversity and inclusion, Uber Latam

3. Mariana Ventura: Legal counsel and chief compliance officer, GLP

‚≠ź Additional Thanks to the Moderator :-

–¬†Luiza Sato: Partner¬†ASBZ Advogados.
ASBZ Advogados is a leading law firm in #Brazil having regional and international clients. Luiza Sato is leading and experienced in the areas of data protection, digital law and intellectual property.