Trends in Space and TMT

Jan 17, 2020

Behring Paris

Exciting Roundtable on Space and TMT at Behring Paris with Anne-Solène Gay & moderated by !

BGS welcomes you to a grand weekend of business roundtables in Paris from 16-18 January 2020. Networking, education and social activities, including the main social event–a Winter Party on the glamorous ChampsElysées are all on the agenda.

BGS will look at what’s new in the world of SpaceLaw and TMT in the following roundtable: 17th January EnergizingFriday

Location: Behring Paris at 12:30pm

Topic: Trends in Space and TMT

The roundtable will be followed by a small lunch for participants offered by the firm. Thank you to Behring Law firm and Numa Isnard for contributing to what is sure to be yet another successful event! Numa is an active BGS member – congratulations for your leading practice in Space – TMT – Arbitration with deep knowledge of Indian and African markets.

To participate, please contact Numa ASAP or a BGS organizer! Spaces are limited!