Webinar 2 on Management of COVID-19 Crisis

Apr 21, 2020

UnionGivesStrength our Webinar#2 featuring Doctors, TechExperts, Lawyers, Economists and Academics from all over the world for a global & descriptive dialogue on the management of the COVID19 crisis at the intersection of Tech Law Economy

🔴 Registration: https://lnkd.in/gSp6Nwi Tuesday 21st April 4 pm CET

➡️ Speakers: – Dr. Ajintha Pathmanathan M. is Anaesthesiologist (Stanford Med. & Oxford MBA), Health-tech innovator, founder of ClinIQ                            USA

marcos nobrega Professor MIT, educated at Harvard & MIT, Auditor hashtagBrasil

Riyanka Roy Choudhury CodeX Stanford educated at Berkeley hashtagUSA hashtagIndia

– Dr. Enes Hoşgör, Ph.D. Startup Innovator/founder – health & AI expert – Instructor Carnegie Mellon hashtagGermany

Nadia Diakun-Thibault Architec – Founder PanSophX Inc. hashtagCanada

Alexandra Gamboa hashtagPhilippines Environmental Law & Policy Specialist – educated at Berkeley

➡️ Moderators:Anne Chang founder of HCO Tech/Legal expert hashtagBrasil

Aubin GONZALEZ LAPOS founder of Berkeley Global Society hashtagFrance

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Nadia Diakun - one of the panelists of Webinar 2 organised by BGS on management of COVID-19moderator