BGS Startup Ecosystem

BGS Startup Ecosystem is a Global Network where the start-ups, investors and lawyers meet each other.


Berkeley Global Society - Anne Chang

Anne Chang Executive Director for Technology – Berkeley Global Society


1. Start-ups and Strategic Partners: BGS Startup Ecosystem serves as platform for start-ups and its strategic partners

i) to get connected with investors, strategic partners from different geographies;

ii) to get access to funding opportunities in the global world;

iii) to have an opportunity working with top lawyers from over the world who are directly or indirectly involved in deals’ closings and

iv) to get deep knowledge in the local market practice of structuring transactions and other specific matters that start-ups are interested in target geographies;

v) to get access to vibrant and fascinating start-up community;

vi) to learn how to grow a unicorn and meet the people who’ve done it all before;

vii) to open the doors to the global world and expand operations with the assistance of experienced and knowledgeable professionals;

viii) to link startups with strategic partners for potential collaboration, mentorship, institutional partnership, resource sharing purposes.

2. Investors: BGS Startup Ecosystem serves as platform for angels, accelerators, VCs, private equity and institutional investors

i) to connect capital with entrepreneurs;

ii) to facilitate funding;

iii) to raise subsequent financing rounds in investors’ existing portfolio – fast-growing start-ups that need further capital injections;

iv) to build global network in existing and potential target investment geographies;

v) to put you in a room with the right people, from high growth startups to fellow VCs, and the top speakers, experts and investors from all corners of the world.

3. Lawyers and other advisors: BGS Startup Ecosystem serves as platform for lawyers, tax experts, investment banks and investment boutiques

i) to share their experience and knowledge with start-ups and entrepreneurs;

ii) to find potential clients in the ecosystem of investors and start-ups;

iii) to increase public awareness and brand recognition;

iv) to assist early stage companies mentoring them and giving guidance when dealing with knowledgeable investors.

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