Mission Statement

BGS is happy to extend its helping hand to the refugees around the world. We work in solidarity with people who migrate. We advance safe migration through legal support, casework, strategic litigation, outreach, training and partnerships. We advocate for the promotion and protection of people’s rights throughout the migration process.





Dear Friends,
BGS is active in bringing help to those who need it to overcome the current disastrous situation, our actions have:

1. helped a family of three kids and a mom picked up at the Ukrainian border, now they are safe at one of our member’s house.

2. How you can help:

– we are collecting money and you can support via this link: Click here

3. How we will help those refugees?

provide clothes – laptop – education for kids etc.

(5000 euros would be a good start)

4.  If you are willing to help we also need someone to give a hand at:

– application for school
– application for US visa
– mentoring

– sleeping bags
– medicines

Fill this google form – Click here