Mohsin Saleem Ullah

Islamabad, Pakistan

About Mohsin

Since his undergraduate studies in Law, Mohsin served in multiple leadership roles, from conducting national-level seminars to leading moot societies.

He also tapped into his legal background to run a free-of-cost advisory office to acquaint 150 marginalized women with legal remedies in family disputes.

Having co-founded an NGO to provide vocational training to young women, Mohsin has led diverse teams in providing legal support to over 200 cases of human rights violations and female assault.

He also used his voice to initiate a public discourse on difficult issues in Pakistan, from interviewing wanted insurgents and exploring their sanctuaries along the India-Pakistan line-of- control for Fox News Digital, to highlighting socially taboo subjects like secret sex lives of transgenders through Guardian.

Additionally, he penned articles for international newspapers on topics as wide-ranging as women’s empowerment to the economic and justice-system grievances that have rendered the masses susceptible to radical ideology for The New York Times to Times UK, and many other renowned publications of the world.

He also became Pakistan’s youngest journalist, and opinion columnist to cite in the world’s oldest newspaper “Jerusalem Post ” for his articles.

While studying at Berkeley Law, he got into a highly selective New Business Community Law Clinic (NBCLC), which provided him an opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Thereby, making him available this launching ground to apply corporate knowledge, he gained in LLM into real-life businesses, which sought the clinic’s help.

Areas of Practice

  • Corporate
  • Human Rights - Nonprofit Organization
  • Journalism
  • M&A