VANESSA VILLANUEVA COLLAO - member of Berkeley Global Society

Vanessa Villanueva Collao

Illinois, Italy

About Vanessa

In addition to her LLM at UC Berkeley, Vanessa is a Juris Science Doctor candidate at the University of Illinois working on Fiduciary Duties in the Initial Coin Offering process.

Before entering into the Doctoral Program Vanessa has practiced law in Italy and has worked for a maritime claims company in Genoa. Formerly researcher at the Università degli Studi di Genova – where she also was a Lecturer in Comparative law. In addition, she has taught, in English, at the Master in Legal Translations at the Faculty of Linguistics at the same institution.

Vanessa writes in several prestigious Italian and European law reviews, as well as Latin American law reviews. At European level, Vanessa has translated the “Draft Common Frame of Reference” (DCFR) English to Italian (‘Book X’ Trusts with Matteo Patrone) in collaboration with the University of Osnabrück, within the project financed by European Commission B-Brussels: translation of legislative models with regard to contract law.

She is specialized in the areas of Trust Law (Trust interno and International Model), Maritime Law, Comparative Law, Blockchain and smart-contracts.

Areas of Practice

  • Blockchain and smart contract
  • Comparative Law
  • Maritime Claims
  • Trust