Wai Wai Nu board member of Berkeley Global Society

Wai Wai Nu


About Wai

Wai Wai is selected as on of the Young Global Leaders (YGLs) 2018 by the World Economic Forum.

She was Political prisoner for seven years under the Burmese military government and in 2012, was released under a presidential amnesty. She is Executive Director and Founder, Women Peace Network, a platform to build peace and mutual understanding between Myanmar’s different ethnicities, and to empower and advocate for the rights of marginalized women in Arakan and Myanmar; campaigns for women’s rights.

She has been working to reduce discrimination and hatred among Buddhist and Muslim communities and to improve human rights of the Rohingya people. Wai Wai has conducted women’s empowerment trainings, offered legal education seminars, and organized human rights and peace building activities.

She graduated with a degree in law in 2014 and is the founder of Justice for Women and the Yangon Youth Center.

She is the recepient of numerous international awards and has featured in the top 100s in multiple global magazines.

Areas of Practice

  • Corporate
  • Human Rights