Yunsoo Kim

Seoul, Korea, The Republic of

About Yunsoo

Yunsoo Kim is a legal researcher in South Korea. She is UC Berkeley Professional LLM 2015 alumna and earned her Ph.D. in Law in Sookmyung Women’s University Graduate School, Department of law in South Korea.

Her major research field is intellectual property and copyright law. She has a great interest in uprising legal issues of immersive media services. She has won a thesis contest 2 times in South Korea writing about legal issues of Augmented Reality Game services, from privacy issues to copyright, civil law issues in 2016 and 2017.

Yunsoo has also received the ‘Policy Reporter of the Year’ Award from the Korean Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Sports in 2017. Before she earned her doctoral degree, she worked as a citizen policy reporter for 4 years and a teaching assistant in graduate school for 3 years. Her doctoral dissertation topic is about freedom of panorama.

She explores how freedom of panorama clause is diverse among nations and what amendments should be made to allow free use more harmonized in hyper-connected technology trends.

Especially, Yunsoo’s dissertation gives implications┬áto the scholars and policymakers when non-face-to-face media business is boosting and are playing a great role during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Also, Yunsoo Kim has been steadily publishing law reviews on several Korean Citation Index (KCI) registered journals. She focuses on conducting comparative law research on Korean Law and other various nations’ legislation.

Areas of Practice

  • Copyright
  • Intellectual Property