Equality between Human – Improving situation of Women in Society


Bhavani Kichenin

BLS Director of Women Rights



“Equality between Human – Improving situation of Women in Society” aims at sharing with the world, laws passed in countries and representing a significant evolution of the rights of women: legal measures adopted throughout the world and improving the situation of women, in all topics (criminal law, employment law etc.) on a worldwide scale.

The concrete achievements would consist in articles presenting and explaining those laws, the context in which it was passed, the improvement it created, the impact produced etc. (i) ; a public Database where people can have access to those information (the law, the article related to it) (ii) and conferences involving strong personalities of each country to share and discuss those evolutions.

The idea is to create a laboratory dedicated to the improvement of woman rights, where each country can find answers to issue they are facing themselves, inspired from other legal systems.

To achieve this project, talented lawyers from BLS with various profiles, women and men, joined what is becoming our team. They are implanted all over the World which is central to identify the various improvement laws and have an authentic insight of the political, religious, social context of the country which enacted it