Press Release

Press Release

Berkeley Global Society has shown its impact globally by the press releases for its various events and other information.

1. Call for Submissions

2. International Arbitration Summit in Delhi

3. Apollo introducing BGS

4. Berkeley Legal Society Hosts Stakeholders of the Private Space Industry

5. Webinar Latam III BSG 2020 aborda Telecomunicações e Conectividade na América Latina

5. Investment search brings arbitration to public administration

7. Plasseraud IP participates in a conference in Brazil on artificial intelligence and data protection

8. Berkeley Law Society’s panel discussion tried to bridge the gap between emerging technologies and policies

9. The IFT's autonomy is in danger if it does not file a dispute against the cell phone registry: Irene Levy (Panelist)

BGS in Press - Data Privacy

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10. If the regulator does not promote constitutional controversy, it will mean his capture by the current regime, say telecommunications experts

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11. They affirm that IFT's autonomy is in danger from the mobile registry

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12. Mobile phone pattern violates IFT autonomy: Observatel specialists

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